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Our team has years of experience working with the credit bureaus to help remove negative items and to guide our customers to a better credit outlook.

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We are committed to your success, so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!** Once your plan is in action, sit back and watch your credit scores rise!

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We take your unique financial data and not only repair your credit file but also create a specialized plan to it grow. Our custom-designed plan will enable you to become the master of your credit!

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Our experienced team of professionals will give you advice on how to take your credit to its maximum potential using tried and true credit secrets.

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Now that your plan is in action, use your dashboard to watch your credit scores go higher and higher! We also continue to monitor your credit for any potential problems. Our free mobile app is coming soon!


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Each plan is tailored to how you want to attack & grow your credit profile.


asked questons

No matter how much information you put out there, some questions will always remain. We are looking forward to helping you out. However, before reaching out to us please check the below list of most frequently asked questions. This will give us more time to answer specifics and it saves you time waiting for our reply.

How do I get started with your service?

Click on the sign up page, fill out all of the information and then you will receive your login information both on the page and in your email. When you login for the first time it will take you thru the items we need to get access to your credit data and to be able to process disputes on your behalf. You will also need to select a plan under BILLING for us to get started.

How can I receive support or call for advice?

Just fill out the form on the contact page to email us with a request and we will contact you back to setup the call.

Why is there a setup & monthly fee?

The setup fee includes everything we need to do to whip your credit into shape, depending on what services you want. The monthly fee is for us to keep monitoring your credit for any errors and for us to continue to offer you a best course of action on your credit journey.

How do I access my credit plan?

After we start the repair (if needed) with your credit, we will email you a separate credit plan on what we think your next steps should be. These include what credit cards, loans, etc. that we feel would best maximize your credit profile based on your financial & credit data.

What does a "round of disputes" mean?

When we analyze your credit profile with the information from your credit bureaus any improperly placed negative items will be sent a dispute letter on your behalf from us to both the Credit Bureau and the Original Creditor.

How do I cancel my service?

We would hate to see you go before we maximize your credit potential, but if you have to go just go to the BILLING page after you LOGIN and cancel your subscription there. You may also want to login to your IDIQ account (billed separately) to cancel with them.


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